How Much Does It Cost For Home Staging?

Factors Influencing Home Staging Costs

The cost of staging a home can vary based on several factors:

  1. Size of the Property: Larger homes typically require more furniture and accessories to fill the space, which can increase staging costs.
  2. Extent of Staging: Depending on whether you opt for partial staging (key rooms) or full staging (entire home), the costs will vary accordingly.
  3. Location: Staging costs can differ between cities and regions in Canada due to varying demand, cost of living, and local market conditions.
  4. Duration of Staging: The longer your home remains staged, the higher the overall cost. Staging is usually priced monthly, so consider how long you anticipate your home will be on the market.

Average Cost of Home Staging in Canada

While exact figures can vary, here’s a general overview of what you might expect to pay for home staging services in Canada:

  • Consultation Fee: Many staging companies offer an initial consultation, which can range from free to a nominal fee, where they assess your property and provide recommendations.
  • Staging Services: The cost of staging typically includes rental fees for furniture and decor, as well as the labor involved in setting up and removing the items. On average, partial staging can range from CAD 1,500 to CAD 3,000, while full staging may cost between CAD 2,500 to CAD 6,000 per month, depending on the size and location of your home.
  • Additional Costs: There may be additional charges for extra services such as storage, insurance, and extended staging periods beyond the initial contract.

Maximizing Your Investment

While staging does involve upfront costs, the potential return on investment (ROI) often outweighs these expenses. A well-staged home can attract more buyers, potentially leading to quicker sales and higher offers. To maximize your investment in staging:

  • Choose a Reputable Staging Company: Research and compare staging companies in your area to find one with a proven track record and a portfolio that aligns with your home’s style and market.
  • Follow Staging Recommendations: Implement suggestions from your stager regarding decluttering, repairs, and decor adjustments to enhance the overall appeal of your property.
  • Monitor Market Trends: Stay informed about local real estate trends and adjust your staging strategy accordingly to appeal to current buyer preferences.


Investing in home staging is an investment in the sale of your property. By presenting your home in its best possible light, you increase its marketability and attractiveness to potential buyers. While costs can vary, the benefits of staging often justify the expense through faster sales and higher sale prices. Consult with staging professionals in your area to get a tailored quote and start preparing your home to stand out in the competitive Canadian real estate market.