Our Differences

Our Differences

We’re Revolutionizing The Home Staging Service

We offer four unique benefits to our clients that are unlike any other home stager in the industry

Minimize Risk:

Unlike most home stagers, if your home does not sell Astra will refund you 50% of the upfront payment so that you can minimize your risk in this process.

Save Time:

Our warehouse is filled with our own furniture and accessories, allowing us to provide faster and more flexible service than typical stagers, as we don't rely on third-party furniture rental companies.

Save Money:

Owning our own furniture means we can be flexible to your needs and offer additional rental time exceeding 30 days if required, at NO extra charge.

Maximize Your Home's Potential

Astra will stage the entire house above ground, without excluding any of the rooms, unlike most home stagers that only stage the main areas.